2013 VELLUM Red (Merlot)

VARIETAL COMPOSITION: 85% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon


The 2013 Vellum Red is marked by complexity and richness, yet is tempered with grace. The heady nose displays notes of cardamom, anise, vanilla bean, incense and fresh dark stone fruit. A generous palate complements with prominent flavours of black cherry tart, toasted cocoa, allspice, dark molasses and summer forest floor. It is adroitly layered, and in time yields its terrific richness as a high, full fore-mouth volume of fruit transitions across the entire breadth of the palate. This ample wine is smartly framed by a seamless fabric of tannin and both are delivered with purpose to a long succulent and persistent finish. Age 20+ years







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