Winemaking Methods

Vellum’s superior quality begins in the vineyard. Before harvest, we spend months monitoring the development of the grape clusters, selecting only clusters that ripen evenly and are free of imperfections. The grapes are allowed a long “hang time” to develop deep maturity and color in the skins. Sugar levels are measured at regular intervals to prevent over-ripening,
maintaining Vellum’s lower alcohol level and balanced acidity.

Vellum grapes are harvested by hand in small containers and sorted four times to select only the finest grape clusters before being de-stemmed and placed into Vellum’s small fermentation tanks as whole berries. Artisan winemaking methods and attention to detail allow for minimal intervention during fermentation.

Vellum is aged in 100% French oak barrels before bottling the wine unfined and unfiltered. Our barrels are sourced from the finest coopers in France and oak expression is restrained to allow for elegance and balance.

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