Karl Lehmann and Jeff Mathy began making wine together in 2003, but their paths toward launching their winery started long before. After an honorable four years of service in the U.S. Navy during the Gulf War, Lehmann boarded a train on the East Coast and headed west to take a job with the human genome project. His long love of wine led him to UC Davis where he graduated with a degree in viticulture and enology in 2002. Mathy took a different route to reach his winemaking goals. As one of the youngest high altitude mountaineers in the world including the Seven Summits and two climbs of Mt. Everest, His climbing partners included a Master of Wine who inspired his move from atop icy slopes to inside steel tanks. Lehmann and Mathy found kinship in their dedication to wine and a friendship was born. Their inaugural 2007 Vellum vintage of a single production Cabernet Sauvignon took the international stage by storm. The result was the highest rated and most age-worthy Napa Cabernet of the 2007 vintage. Vellum Wine Craft has now won 3 World Wine Awards for its releases.

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